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Services Available
JSPAS makes house calls
Draining and Cleaning your pool
Measuring your pool
Changing the sand for your pool
Service Calls:
Jeff Self Pools & Spas provides service calls for your pool and spa. Contact us  to receive a quote for your area.
Drain & Clean:
Need your pool drained & cleaned? JSPAS is just the company to make your pool sparkle again. You'll be swimming again in no time.
Want or need a new pool liner? Jeff Pools & Spas can measure your pool to make sure you get an accurate sized liner.
Sand Change:
Changing the sand in your sand filter is essential to keeping your pool clean. Sand change includes: draining filter, emptying old sand, cleaning stand pipe and laterals, and putting in new clean sand.
Cleaner Repair
Getting Consultations
Monthly Pool service
Pool School
Cleaner Repair:
Having problems with your automatic pool cleaner? JSPAS can repair it for you. In-store and Customer Home repair calls available.
JSPAS can provide consultations on a number of items including evaluating your home site to see what type of pool &/or spa is right for you. We can also help consult when you need a little professional help with your DIY pool. Contact us  to receive a quote for your area.
Monthly Pool Service:
Keep your pool looking great all season with monthly service by Jeff Self Pools & Spas. We come out twice a week to keep your pool in top condition.
Pool School:
Now that you have a great looking pool, how do you keep it looking good? For all the DIYs Pool School shows you all the ways to keep your pool looking good. Learn how to: test water, vacuum, backwash, empty baskets and more. If you have a pool and like to take care of it this is the class for you.
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