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Shock your pool for best results
Pool Maintenace doesn't have to be a hassle. These easy steps will keep your pool looking good as new:
  • Check/empty skimmer baskets
  • Check water level
  • Skim top of pool
  • Check chemicals -adjust as needed
  • Operate Polaris
  • Check filter screen on Polaris
  • Backwash Filter
  • Check/empty pump basket
  • Brush pools sides, steps, bottom
PDF for Pool Maintenance
PDF version of Pool Maintenance Schedule
Need Adobe Acrobat Reader?  Click here to download.
Need Adobe Acrobat Reader? Click here to download.
Test your water periodically.
Pool Opening  is a seaonal service Jeff Self Pools & Spas provides. Call or write us today to set your appointment. Diving Pool Let Jeff Self Pools & Spas   close your pool  and save you time.
Make sure to skim daily Operate your Polaris pool cleaner when needed
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