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Make precautions to keep your pool and spa safe
Jeff Self Pools & Spas wants your family to be safe while enjoying your pool &/or spa. Please follow the recommended safety tips below.

Use Safety Signs

Make sure you have safety signs posted in clearly visible areas by the pool/spa.

Rescue Devices

Have life rings and safety ropes in place.

Have an Outside Phone

Have a phone nearby so if an emergency arises you can quickly call 911.

Read the safety literature

Become familiar with the literature provided with your pool and spa.

No Diving or Jumping

Do not allow diving or jumping in shallow water or non-diver pools. These actions can lead to serious injury.

No Alcohol

Alcohol consumption and swimming can result in injury or death.

Careful Supervision

Always have adult supervision in the pool/spa areas.


Install a fence to keep unsupervised and unauthorized use from happening.
Make precautions to keep your pool and spa safe
Jeff Self Pools & Spas can order safety signs for your pool & spa areas. Contact us  or visit us in the store for more details.
For more information on pool and spa safety visit The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals  website.
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