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Jeff Self Pools and Spas have many options to create a backyard oasis. Browse the pages below and contact us &nbsptoday to get your backyard retreat created.
Swimmer Pool:

A pool that is less than 16' wide and 36' long is considered a swimmer pool. It is a pool that cannot be a "diver". It can be 3' to 6' deep at the deepest. You can have different variations of the 3' to 6' depth in a swimmer but you cannot have a diving board and it cannot be 8' deep. Swimmer pools can come in regular bottom arrangements or they can come in scoop bottoms. They can have the deepest part in the middle and then return to a shallow end. The variations are almost limitless but it cannot be a diver and it cannot be 8' deep.

Swimmer Pool Defined.
Diver Pool Defined Diver Pool:
A pool that is at least 16' wide and 36' long can be a diver pool. Some pools that are 16' are not divers but most can be if they meet safety specs. A diver pool is a pool that is typically about 3' in the shallow end and at least 8' deep in the diving end which can accommodate a diving board.
In-ground Pools

From traditional to custom shapes, find the perfect in-ground pool for your home.

JSPAS In-ground Pools JSPAS Above-ground Pools Above-ground Pools

Top-of-the-line above-ground pools by Blue Cascade. JSPAS carries The Aquatica, The Richwood & The Manor.


Learn more about the pool safety.

At JSPAS Saftey is important JSPAS Pool Liners Pool Liners

Choose the ideal liner to match your pool surroundings.


Jeff Self Pools & Spas carries traditional pool steps and Step-n-Spas for a little extra relaxation.

JSPAS Steps JSPAS Spas Spas

Choose from a variety of spas to meet your idea of perfect.

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